The stencil art of ALIAS can be witnessed in Cities Worldwide. The artists direct and emotionally charged child motives can be seen staring from walls in Rome, Milan, New Delhi, Bristol, Amsterdam, Paris, Istanbul, Hamburg and above all Berlin. They are captivating and brutal where they stand sprayed on concrete and walls, and so exquisite in their humanity that they seem to be an unquestionable part of the City.

Simple but direct, the motives have been evolving during the 20 years that ALIAS has been active, from political messages against nuclear transport, simple tags and slogans, to the gun shot wounded children that seek our eyes today.

– Spraying stencils is like tagging with images and emotions, ALIAS says.

ALIAS showed with The Scarlett Gallery in August 2014, a collaboration show with Galleri Bon, entitled ‘Fragile Lives, Shattered Dreams’.