David Zinn has been creating original artwork in and around Ann Arbor and elsewhere in Michigan since 1987, serving all manner of commercial clients, while simultaneously sneaking “pointless” art into the world at large.

The artists temporary street art is composed entirely of chalk, charcoal and found objects, and is always improvised on location. His most frequent characters are Sluggo, a bright green monster with stalk eyes and irreverent habits, and Philomena, a phlegmatic flying pig. As of 2013, there have been a lot of mice as well.

David is a self-taught artist with a degree in Creative Writing and English Language, and has taught creative writing and scenic painting, performed in and directed several Gilbert & Sullivan operas, recorded audiobooks, and hosted two children’s radio show. David is also an avid whistler, a haphazard ukulele player, and a dutiful shirker.