Who, What, Why?

The Scarlett Gallery, founded in 2011, was created with the intention to offer Stockholm an alternative inspiring gallery space and print store. The four founders, two of them English, have all spent major periods of their life living in London, New York and Berlin, the cities underground charm being a strong influence and foundation for the gallery.

The gallery aims to inspire with an eclectic rota of exhibitions sourced from a mix of medias but with a heavy leaning towards urban art. The online art store offers exclusive editions, screen prints and stencils, as well as unique art pieces created specifically for the Stockholm shows by highly collectable international artists.

The Scarlett Gallery also helps curate the outside urban art gallery at Subtopia, Alby and have to date produced murals with ROA, Shai Dahan, SIT, Pablo Delgado, CROSSIE and most recently ALIAS.

In Summer 2013 the Scarlett Gallery began operating as a 'satellite' gallery, enabling inspiring collaborations with city locations, establishments and like minded galleries to produce shows and installations. We are always on the look out for new venues so please shout if you have ideas, we'd be happy to hear from you.